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AI-generated QR code artwork creates a seamless and visually appealing brand experience. Leave a lasting impression that resonates with your customers and strengthens brand loyalty.

Eye-catching QR Codes

Capture customers’ attention instantly and get them to scan.

Boost Customer Interactions

Spark curiosity and interest with QR code art to drive sales, engage customers, and achieve your business goals.

Contextualize QR Codes

Customers are more likely to scan QR codes with relevant artwork because it defines the code’s content.

Brand Alignment

Incorporate company colors, fonts, and design elements to match your brand’s identity for a consistent experience.

A Complete Solution

More than Just QR Codes

Leverage a growing suite of tools built to maximize your QR-marketing strategy. Motivate customers to take action - increasing sales and loyalty.

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What is AI-generated QR code artwork?

Think of this technology as scannable art. AI-generated QR code art is a type of QR code created using artificial intelligence. They are often created by using a technique called diffusion modeling, which allows the AI to create images that are both realistic and abstract. AI-generated QR code artwork combines the practical utility of QR codes with the creativity and uniqueness of artistic design.

How do I create AI-generated QR code art?

AI-generated QR code art is created by training AI models on large datasets of images, including QR codes and other types of images. The AI models learn to identify the patterns and characteristics of QR codes, and they use this knowledge to create new QR codes that are visually appealing. Use the resulting artwork in various contexts, such as branding, advertising, digital or print media, or even standalone art pieces.

Creating AI-generated QR code artwork requires a good understanding of AI, machine learning, and programming. It involves tasks such as collecting and preprocessing data, training and fine-tuning models, and iterative design experimentation. It is a complex and time-consuming process combining technical expertise and artistic sensibilities.

Here is a tutorial that describes the process of creating AI-generated QR code art using ControlNet and Stable Diffusion.

What is Stable Diffusion?

Stable diffusion is a type of modeling to create images that are both realistic and abstract. It works by starting with a random image and then gradually adding noise to the image. Adding noise is a way that preserves the overall structure of the image so that the image remains recognizable even as it becomes more abstract.

Use stable diffusion to create AI-generated QR code art by starting with a random image that contains a QR code. The noise is then added to the image, gradually transforming it into a QR code that is both visually appealing and still scannable.

How did QR code artwork begin?

2023 saw a surge in AI-generated QR code artwork. One key development was the introduction of ControlNet for Stable Diffusion, which helped to make AI-generated QR code art more accessible. On June 7, 2023, Reddit user nhciao created a groundbreaking piece of AI-generated QR code art that merged design aesthetics with functionality. Anime and Asian art inspired the visuals of the QR code, which was still scannable using smartphone cameras or QR code scanning apps. This innovative approach captured the attention and fueled the growing popularity of AI-generated QR code artwork throughout the year.

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