Direct Customer Engagement from Every Product

Digiphy QR + pages shortcut the distance between products and shoppers. Share relevant content at every customer touchpoint to drive sales and increase engagement.

A blue, pink, and yellow graphic image of QR codes on food packaging.

Double Reorders in 2 Months

Capture 3x Leads in 6 Month

Get 4x Higher Engagement Rates

A QR code on food and beverage product for Santigold Holy Spirituals tea.
Point-of-Sales  ⌁
Flyers  ⌁
Events  ⌁
Storefront  ⌁
Packaging  ⌁
Stickers  ⌁
Receipts  ⌁
Business Cards  ⌁
Inserts  ⌁
Shelf-talkers  ⌁
Products  ⌁
OOH Ads  ⌁
Direct Mail  ⌁
TV Ads  ⌁
A-frames  ⌁
A QR code on food and beverage product linking to Yazoo Yaupon Digiphy Storyline.

Peak at how Digiphy Drives Conversions for CPG Brands

Yazoo Yaupon brandishes all its packaging and inserts with Digiphy QR codes to encourage reorders and consumer engagement.

Convert at Pivotal Purchasing Moments

Increase reorders, upsell related products, and offer promotions via Digiphy’s conversion-optimized pages. It doesn’t matter if shoppers are at home or in-store.

QR code on food product like a soup can. Two people looking at a phone screen after scanning the QR code.
Digiphy customer email capture module

Capture Zero-party Data

Collect emails and valuable zero-party insights using our built-in email module to better communicate with customers.

Get Visibility Into Marketing Dead Zones

QR-activated packaging, product inserts, and in-store displays track analytics and attribution for purchases through third-party retailers like Amazon, Target, and more.

See How our CPG Customers Do It

Scout Canning shares transparency and traceability efforts with customers using Digiphy QR codes to foster trust. They also highlight their head chef, easy to make recipes and offer a deal for email opt-ins.

Digiphy Scout Canning Storyline. It's a mobile landing page screenshot.
QR code on food packaging linking to Mighty Sesame Digiphy Storyline mobile landing page.

Cultivate Customer Connections

Tell your brand’s unique story through dynamic content that is easily updated and rotated using Digiphy’s no-code platform. Share recipes, cooking tips, and new products.

Case Study

The Goods Mart

Learn how a local health food market earned a 67% Email opt-in rate.

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Maintain Marketing Compliance

Age-gate digital pages for alcohol to ensure the 70% over 21 rule and inform consumers on responsible consumption.

Digital compliance age gate for alcohol screenshot.

All-in-one Platform

A growing suite of tools built for brands with physical products.

Digiphy QR code platform screenshot, including QR customization features, URL links, and analytics.

Digiphy allows us to capture customer email addresses and other key data to help drive future sales. It really has connected and simplified our e-commerce and retail strategies.”

Yaupon Brothers, CEO, Bryon White

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