Educate, Connect, & Convert Customers

Share skincare tips, how-to’s & tutorials, reviews, and related products with customers at the moment they want and need it, accelerating sales.

A graphic of a QR code on beauty product and a woman scanning the QR code.

Double Reorders in 2 Months

Capture 3x Leads in 6 Month

Get 4x Higher Engagement Rates

Go Beyond the Label

From samples to new products, turn your packaging and labels into an always-on marketing channel. Digiphy QR + pages are the digital salesperson that never stops working.

A QR code on beauty packaging linking Musee Bath Storyline mobile landing page.
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Flyers  ⌁
Events  ⌁
Storefront  ⌁
Packaging  ⌁
Stickers  ⌁
Receipts  ⌁
Business Cards  ⌁
Inserts  ⌁
Shelf-talkers  ⌁
Products  ⌁
OOH Ads  ⌁
Direct Mail  ⌁
TV Ads  ⌁
A-frames  ⌁

Case Study

Don’t Say you Care, Show You Care

Demonstrate your brand’s commitment to transparency, clean ingredients, ethical sourcing, and combat counterfeits. Integrate traceability info into your page from third-party data sources, .xls, and blockchain technology for verification.

A QR code for sustainable beauty brands linking to Pacha Soap Co Storyline mobile landing page.
A QR code on packaging to tell your brand story. The QR code links to Pacha Soap Co Storyline mobile landing page.

Digiphy Amplifies Sustainable Stories

Pacha Soap Co. and Soli Essential Oils used Digiphy QR + pages to share their authentic product story, educate consumers, and build trust.

Engagement increased, and customers scanned over 30% of Soli's product inventory.

Unlock Revenue with a New D2C Marketing Channel

Make it easy for customers to find relevant information, whether in an aisle or at home, without having to search Google, ultimately streamlining the path to purchase.

A QR code on packaging for beauty product like lotion. A woman looking at the QR code while shopping.
A QR code for event. A postcard with QR code on it for beauty brands.

Digitally Activate Your Booth

Stand out at any event you attend. Use Digiphy QR + pages to collect emails, track attendees, share digital business cards, and offer entire product catalogs.

Get Visibility Into Marketing Dead Zones

QR-activated packaging, product inserts, and in-store displays track analytics and attribution for purchases through third-party retailers like Amazon, Target, and more.

Build a Beauty Community

Foster long-term brand loyalty through exclusive community discounts. Rotate promotions and give members the inside scoop on new or limited-stock products.

Digiphy QR code platform screenshots of Loops Beauty Storyline mobile landing page.

Case Study

The Goods Mart

Learn how a local health food market earned a 67% Email opt-in rate.

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The Digiphy QR code tracking dashboard showcasing omnichannel analytics.

Data is the Foundation of Beauty Brands

Offer helpful info, discounts, and loyalty programs to gather valuable zero-party data. Use demographics, purchasing habits, feedback, and preferences to build accurate customer profiles.

All-in-one Platform

A growing suite of tools built for brands with physical products.

Screenshots of the Digiphy QR code platform, including QR customization features, URL links, and analytics.

Digiphy allowed us to capture hundreds of emails and key insights in one day to help drive customer retention and future sales. We're rolling out Digiphy across all our products and marketing materials."

Leisha Pickering, CEO & founder of Musee Bath

Shoppers clicked through to Musee Bath’s online shop, social media channels, and digital ‘business card’ at 30%.