Spark Customer Engagement at Every Touchpoint

Customers want more than your catch-all website. Create highly contextual experiences on the other end of the scan, at scale.

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Digiphy Your


Turn shopping bags, product packages, business cards, direct mailers, and more into a digital salesperson that never stops working.





Black and white Digiphy QR codeQR code examples for flyers, packaging, events, and business cards.

A Complete Solution

More than Just QR Codes

Leverage a growing suite of tools built to maximize your QR-marketing strategy. Motivate customers to take action - increasing sales and loyalty.

Blue Digiphy QR code

QR Codes

Generate dynamic codes in seconds

Custom QR code designer

Manage thousands of codes 

Connect them anywhere

Make changes anytime!


A screenshot of Digiphy Storyline mobile landing pages.


Customizable modules & templates

Responsive design for any screen

No-coding required

Optimized to convert

Launch in minutes


The Digiphy QR code tracking dashboard of omnichannel analytics


Out of the box reporting

Capture emails & zero party data

Make data-backed decisions

Retarget with Google Tag
Manager & Meta Pixel

Always on Sales & Marketing Channel

Captivate and keep customer's attention, no matter where they are.


Coupons & Discounts


Brand / Product Info

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts Already in Motion

Digiphy integrates harmoniously with your current tools and strategies to close the loop at critical moments of customer engagement.

Phone screen QR code integrations: Vimeo, Klayvio, Google Sheets, and YouTube

Know Your Audience

Create marketing segments and look-alike audiences.

Educate, Entertain, & Engage

Share compelling content from multiple video, music, and other media sources.

Build Trust & Loyalty

Connect traceability, and other key data sets, to transparently communicate, values, product origin, and journey.

Increase Sales & Reach

Link commerce tools and coupon plug-ins to drive orders, subscriptions, and share new offers.

How Brands Use Digiphy

Inserts, Products & Packaging

Pacha Soap digitized their product packaging with Digiphy QR + Storylines to drive customer education — to date over 30% of products have been scanned.

In-Store Displays & Shelf-Talkers

The Goods Mart brought Digiphy to their brick-and-mortar stores and had over 65% of shoppers sign-up for email updates.

Event Activation

Musee Bath digitally activated their event collateral with Digiphy and saw a 67% email opt-in rate and 40% of users return.

Business Cards

Savorly saw a 55% engagement rate for their digital business cards at a recent expo.

Direct Mailers

Fashion brand, Prota Fiori, added Digiphy QR to their direct mail campaign driving 37% of recipients to make a purchase and 30% to share their emails.

Digital Ads & Landing Pages

Everhem relies on Digiphy Storylines for their social advertising efforts and see an  average email opt-in rate of 14% and a 69% engagement rate.

We absolutely loved how our Digiphy Storyline performed. We are adding Digiphy to all of our face masks."

Nika Blake,  Head of Partnerships at Loops Beauty

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