Built for Cannabis Brands

We know that cannabis faces strict marketing regulations, and Digiphy helps tackle those challenges. Maintain compliance and educate consumers while growing online sales and dispensary foot traffic.

A cannabis leaf next to a Digiphy QR code. QR code in cannabis dispensary.

Double Reorders in 2 Months

Capture 3x Leads in 6 Month

Get 4x Higher Engagement Rates

Go Beyond the Product Package

From clones to tinctures, turn your packaging and labels into an always-on marketing channel. QR is the digital salesperson that never stops working.

A QR code on cannabis tincture packaging that links to a Digiphy Storyline mobile landing page.
Point-of-Sales  ⌁
Flyers  ⌁
Events  ⌁
Storefront  ⌁
Packaging  ⌁
Stickers  ⌁
Receipts  ⌁
Business Cards  ⌁
Inserts  ⌁
Shelf-talkers  ⌁
Products  ⌁
OOH Ads  ⌁
Direct Mail  ⌁
TV Ads  ⌁
A-frames  ⌁
Mobile page QR code for Curaleaf THC oil

Discover how Cannabis Brands use Digiphy

B2B and B2C brands like Zelira and Curaleaf enlist Digiphy to educate consumers, instill trust, and promote transparency.

Curaleaf has captured a 10% conversion rate and a 15% CTR to their store locator and website.

Capture Cannabis Customer Data

Collect emails and valuable insights to improve marketing efforts and communicate directly with customers. Share promotions, product info, and tell your brand’s story.

A QR code on packaging for a CBD brand and a Digiphy Storyline mobile landing page.
 A QR code-linked mobile landing page for CBD brands. Screenshots of the Digiphy QR platform.

Grow Sales Online & In-store

Rotate promotions to increase reorders, display top-selling brands, and link directly to a delivery service or store locator.

Get Visibility Into Marketing Dead Zones

QR-activated packaging, product inserts, and in-store displays track analytics and attribution for purchases through third-party retailers like Amazon, Target, and more.

Champion Transparency + Consumer Education

Share ingredient origins, link to lab results, and promote traceability via Digiphy QR codes to foster consumer trust.

Cannabis traceability data screenshot of Digiphy analytics
QR codes in a cannabis dispensary.

Standout in Dispensaries

Add QR-linked landing pages to product packaging, digital signage, and in-store marketing materials so budtenders can quickly access relevant selling information.

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4 Budding Cannabis Trends to Watch in 2023

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Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Age-gate digital pages and inform consumers on proper dosing and consumption instructions.

Digital compliance age gate cannabis screenshot.

All-in-one Platform

A growing suite of tools built for brands with physical products.

Screenshots of the Digiphy QR code platform, including QR customization features, URL links, and analytics.

Product packaging can only go so far. With Digiphy, we engage in more detailed education and storytelling with their easy-to-use platform."


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