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QR Codes for Business Cards and Top-Tier Sales Practices

The best way to enhance your business cards with QR codes

With technology evolving as fast as it is, connecting the physical and digital worlds is now easier than ever—and the bar for accessibility is higher than ever before. The best brands and businesses are now employing QR codes as a bridge from physical materials like business cards, shopping bags, in-store assets, and product packages to a dynamic online experience. But beyond just being a barcode connected to a digital URL, QR codes are a strategic tool that can transform your everyday marketing collateral into an evergreen digital salesperson.

For this article we're sharing how the best salespeople and marketers approach selling in person and tackle high-volume IRL engagements like trade shows.

The Obvious Benefits of QR Codes in Your Sales Stack

QR codes are not just a trend; they offer tangible benefits that can significantly enhance your marketing efforts:

  1. Immediate Engagement: With a simple scan, customers are instantly taken to your digital content, from websites and promotions to videos and sign-up forms, amplifying engagement levels and lower-funnel conversions.
  2. Rich Data Collection: Each scan holds the potential for valuable data insights. Track detailed performance metrics to understand customer behavior better, collect valuable first and zero-party customer data, and tailor your marketing strategy accordingly.
  3. Boost in Sales: QR codes can directly lead customers to your online storefront, effectively shortening the sales funnel and enhancing the shopping experience both in physical retail spaces and online.
  4. Round-the-Clock Marketing: Your printed materials work overtime. Even after the store closes, a QR code on your business card, products or inserts works 24/7 in promoting your brand and products.
  5. Cost-Effectiveness: Integrating a QR code into your existing marketing materials is relatively inexpensive and can provide remarkable returns on investment by amplifying your reach and conversion rates.

Pro-tip: don’t just send to your website, send each scan to a unique, and highly contextual digital experience. Build in minutes without developers with tools like, Digiphy.

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Implementing QR Codes Like the Pros

To implement QR codes successfully, look to the trailblazers who have merged them into their marketing strategy adeptly.

Take, for instance, Yaupon Brothers, an innovative tea company that has integrated Digiphy's unique QR code software into all of their products distributed globally. But they didn’t stop there; they wisely expanded the use of QR codes to their business cards and shelf talkers, and all tradeshow materials, ensuring maximum engagement and consumer interaction.

How can you replicate this success? We've compiled tactical advice to help you utilize QR codes effectively:

Optimizing QR Codes on Business Cards

Your business card is a handshake that leaves a lasting impression. Why not make it an interactive experience?

Direct to a Contact Card: Have your QR code link to a digital contact card that you can adjust over time or customize for each event with relevant information.

Contextual Messaging: You can build pages specific to events and context, meaning if you're attending a specific trade show you can share a message referencing the event to provide a more contextual experience. This creates more memorable dialogue and sets you apart from others.

Physical and Digital Optionality: Printing them on business cards alongside your name and company is a no-brainer, but we're also seeing experts place them on their lock screens, credit cards, pens, and more.  By getting creative with how you capture information, you can stand out and increase the percentage of people that you convert later on.

Expo West and Other Trade Shows

Expo West is a great time to test out a new QR code strategy to generate leads and maximize engagement. Keep the following tips in mind:

Make it Personal: Stand out either with a custom digital contact card or intake form. Connect the form and data capture modules directly to your CRM for immediate follow-up.

Optimize for Specific Conversations: Cater your digital page on the other side of each scan to the event and type of attendee, rather than trying to create a catch-all or simply dropping people on your website homepage.

Use Digiphy to build your QR-linked digital pages in minutes for all of your touchpoints. We’re here to help!  Schedule a demo or get started for FREE.


For retail and DTC brands seeking to stay ahead of the curve, implementing QR codes is becoming a necessity for a holistic omnichannel consumer engagement strategy. Brands that leverage QR code marketing can transcend the traditional confines of product packaging and in-store advertising, creating a vivid, interactive new channel to engage consumers directly to drive business conversions and capture valuable customer data.

Harness these insights to infuse your company's unique essence into your QR code marketing, and watch how this small square can lead to large-scale brand loyalty and engagement breakthroughs, unlocking new revenue.

You can elevate your brand with modern retail marketing. Own the digital information and experience to take control of the consumer, regardless of your sales channel. Inquire about Digiphy here.

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