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Digiphy for Agencies

Why Digiphy is an Indispensable Partner for Creative & CPG Agencies

Whether you’re bringing on a new client or revamping a long-time partner’s strategy, creative and packaging agencies today need more than traditional strategies—their tools must be as dynamic and multifaceted as the digital landscape in which they operate. Enter Digiphy, a marketing Swiss Army knife that empowers brands to engage consumers directly, in-store and in the hands of consumers.

Let’s break down why agencies are leveraging Digiphy for their partners.

Innovative QR Code Applications

Custom QR Codes That Speak Brand Language

Digiphy's QR code generator sets the bar high with its self-serve design options. You're not just creating QR codes; you're creating a brand asset that elegantly reflects your brand aesthetic and integrates with existing campaigns and marketing collateral. The custom scan URL, dozens of customizable design tools, and unlimited redirects mean that agencies can pivot quickly, adapting campaigns in real-time without the hassle of reprinting materials—a game-changer for dynamic advertising.

Analytics That Inform Strategy

Data is currency, and Digiphy delivers in abundance. By offering segmented scan data and analytics, agencies can deep-dive into user engagement and location metrics. These insights are invaluable for assessing campaign performance and leveraging customer data for retargeting, setting the stage for more personalized and impactful follow-up campaigns.

Mobile-First Pages That Elevate Brand Stories

Design That Delivers

With Digiphy, mobile pages are rightfully made a center-piece of holistic product and campaign presence. The platform's emphasis on flexible design and customization means that each page can be a unique touchpoint that resonates deeply with the target audience. Embedding content and media becomes a drag-and-drop affair—simplifying the process of building rich, interactive experiences that captivate on the small screen and effortlessly drive business goals. Easy to create custom modules and features to support your unique initiatives.

Connections That Convert

Seamless integrations tie together disparate elements of a campaign ecosystem. Agencies can link social media content, eCommerce platforms, or any other relevant marketing or tech tool directly to their Digiphy mobile pages. The ease with which these pages can be created and updated allows for more agility in responding to market trends or consumer feedback. Share useful information at key moments and motivate consumer action to boost conversions.

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Actionable Analytics That Drive Success

Metrics That Matter

Understanding where and how users interact with branded material provides agencies with a roadmap for optimization. Digiphy's analytics tools serve up both scan counts and geographic locations, enabling agencies to collect segmented scan and page attribution to tailor regional campaigns or generate insights that inform global strategies.

Conversion-Oriented Tracking

The platform goes beyond vanity metrics, focusing on conversions and user actions—data points that directly align with ROI. This level of granular tracking ensures brand agencies can quantify their success and justify campaign investments with hard numbers.

Seamless Setup and Customer Support

Easy Integration and Onboarding

Getting started with Digiphy is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface and comprehensive onboarding process. Agencies can quickly integrate Digiphy's tools into their existing workflows without needing technical expertise. This ease of setup ensures that teams can focus more on creativity and strategy, rather than dealing with software learning curves.

Unmatched Customer Support

Digiphy doesn’t just leave you to figure things out on your own after setup. Their dedicated support team is available to assist with any technical issues or queries that may arise. Whether it’s a question about customization options or strategic advice on how to leverage certain features for campaign optimization, Digiphy’s professionals are always available, ensuring that agencies can make the most out of their digital campaigns.

Adaptable to Various Industries

A Versatile Tool for Any Sector

Digiphy isn't restricted to any single industry. Its flexibility and wide range of features make it an ideal partner for agencies serving clients across different sectors, from retail and CPG to beauty and fashion and beyond. This adaptability ensures that no matter the market your brand targets, Digiphy can tailor its functionalities to meet specific needs, making every campaign as effective as possible.

Success Stories Across the Board

The proof of Digiphy's versatility is evident in its track record. Brands in the fast-moving consumer goods sector have seen substantial increases in engagement and conversion rates, while beauty companies have leveraged the platform to connect more effectively with consumers to share application tips, ingredient and allergen information, and more. These success stories highlight that Digiphy's capabilities drive real results, regardless of the industry.

Transforming digital campaigns requires not just vision, but the right tools to turn that vision into reality. With Digiphy's comprehensive suite of features, adaptable to a brand and campaign’s unique needs,, agencies have what they need to elevate their campaigns, deliver measurable success, and exceed their clients' expectations with less time and resources than traditional microsites and short digital campaigns. Start reshaping your brand's digital presence with Digiphy and witness firsthand the powerful impact of its versatile consumer engagement  solutions.

Introducing Digiphy: A Conversion-Optimized Leap for QR Code Marketing

Digiphy represents the next generation of QR code technology, taking what was once a one-dimensional point of contact and expanding it into a full-fledged marketing and engagement channel. By combining dynamic QR codes with highly flexible and customizable mobile landing pages, Digiphy opens a direct line of communication with consumers, boasting benefits that the likes of Beaconstac cannot.

A Testimonial from one of our brands

Nika Blake, Head of Partnerships at Loops Beauty, says:

"We absolutely loved how our Digiphy pages performed. We are adding Digiphy to all of our face masks."

Such feedback underscores the efficacy and versatility of Digiphy in creating meaningful, measurable interactions between brands and their audiences.

Transform Your Campaigns Today

Digiphy is redefining brand-consumer engagement and attribution. For creative and packaging  agencies that seek to deliver unprecedented value to clients, Digiphy is a cost-effective and highly efficient tool.  

See how Digiphy can revolutionize your creative, digital strategies. Visit Digiphy's website or book a demo with our team.

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