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How to Sell on Etsy Using QR Codes

QR codes help Etsy sellers build customer loyalty, gather feedback, and enhance customers' shopping experience.

As an Etsy seller, you are one of 7.5M individuals competing for the attention of over 90M buyers worldwide. Building customer loyalty and encouraging repeat business is essential with so much competition.

Shorten the distance between your Etsy business and your customers. QR facilitates interactions with your customers long after purchase. In one scan, shoppers can sign up for your email list, write reviews, share your shop with friends, and reorder products.

What challenges do Etsy sellers face?

Over 81% of Etsy purchases are of returning customers. The problem is that if a shopper makes a purchase, they might not remember the Etsy shop or seller they bought it from. Instead, they search for similar items on Etsy's marketplace and could end up on one of your competitors.

Additionally, Etsy limits how sellers can link to external websites. If a seller has a webpage besides their Etsy storefront, the only way to include an active URL to that site is in their Etsy "About Us" description. Sellers need a simple way to foster customer interactions, and drive reorders on and off the Etsy platform.

Current strategies for selling on Etsy

Many Etsy sellers include business cards or inserts with each purchase. Yet, most aren't digitally enabled— a lost opportunity to connect with customers easily. The insert is usually a simple and kind "thank you for your purchase" message with the shop and owner's name. While this inspires goodwill from customers, it does not bring the customer back to your Etsy store to make new purchases or give you a way to engage customers directly.

If sellers include a web address, customers must type it out. Over 61% of Etsy's gross merchandise sales occur through mobile transactions. Instead, add a QR to every card, making it easy for customers to instantly access an Etsy seller's shop or content on their mobile device.

Build a loyal customer base of repeat shoppers

Etsy does not inhibit what sellers can include in their packaging once a transaction is complete. Sellers can use QR codes on products, packages, marketing inserts, tags, thank you cards, and more to remove any friction from the process and send customers directly to their store website or Etsy store. It's easier for customers to explore your offerings and make repeat purchases. And, you now have a way to engage that customer directly - learn who they are, and even market directly to them and others that look like them with marketing tags.

Share your story and how you started with customers to foster a sense of community with your brand. It is an engaging and creative way of communicating your background, mission, and values with customers.

Enhance your Etsy Shop Experience

Etsy restricts how sellers can customize their storefronts and showcase their products.

Leverage QR codes to direct shoppers to an online presence you own. Create a relevant, consistent mobile landing page that reflects your brand's look and feel. Feature products unavailable on your Etsy store and tailor how customers engage with you and your brand.

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Get feedback from customers with QR

Online reviews play a crucial role in shaping consumer purchase decisions— a staggering 93% of consumers say that reviews impact their choices. QR scans route customers to write reviews on your Etsy shop and website.

Positive reviews build trust and credibility among potential shoppers. Etsy's review system allows buyers to rate and provide feedback on their experiences with sellers. As you know, positive reviews may positively impact the seller's search rankings on Etsy, leading to increased visibility and exposure. QR helps Etsy businesses enhance the customer experience and gather valuable feedback to drive business success.

Brand activation at in-person events

Many Etsy shops sell at local farmer's markets and events. QR-activated portable craft show displays, shelf talkers, stickers, and business cards bring in-person shoppers to your online content increasing sales. Lead shoppers to a mobile-friendly webpage that connects to specific product listings, links to your Etsy store, or shares customer reviews. Use QR to streamline sales and help you build brand recognition and loyalty.

How to get email addresses using QR

QR nurtures relationships beyond the point of purchase. One scan connects shoppers to join your email list, subscribe to your text updates, and follow your social media platforms, all available on a single mobile-friendly landing page.

Emails are powerful to drive future sales. Remarket to interested customers by sending them newsletters and exclusive offers. Even use marketing tools on platforms like Google and Meta to reach look-alike customers.

Use QR codes to share helpful content

QR puts product information at shoppers' fingertips, improving Etsy customer service. Quickly share care instructions, how-to guides, videos, user-generated content, and social media posts.

Eliminate the endless hours consumers spend scouring the internet for answers. Make it easy for customers to send a support email in one click.

Promote informative content like a tutorial on how to style a pair of handmade earrings, a recipe using homemade salsa, or a video demonstrating the technique of trimming candle wicks. You can use content to increase engagement and sales in many ways.

With QR codes and no-code mobile landing pages, sellers can curate immersive and informative customer experiences in minutes. Etsy sellers can educate their customers, build trust, and foster a loyal base of repeat customers.

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Simple Page Creation

Don't have a website? No problem! Digiphy's no-code Storylines are QR-linked mobile-optimized landing pages that Etsy sellers can create without a developer or creative resource. Our user-friendly modules and templates allow you to easily insert, rearrange, and customize the look and feel to meet your brand's needs. Through Digiphy's mobile-friendly Storyline pages, Etsy sellers can provide a gateway to all their digital content from a single QR code.

Effortless QR code management

Create unique QR codes for each product to capture valuable data and insights. You can modify individual Storylines or link a QR code to a different one without reprinting the QR code. Easily manage QR across all of your touchpoints regardless of the URL destination. Keep your content fresh, share promotions, and see a 5x increase in sales and conversions by quickly updating and revising your Storylines.

Data-Driven Insights

Digiphy's in-platform reporting and analytics connect you directly to customers, helping sellers build meaningful relationships with customers and cultivate a holistic understanding of your audience. Gather comprehensive online and offline analytics and insights unavailable through third-party retailers. Digiphy's QR-linked Storylines can collect customers' emails and valuable feedback. Start a monthly newsletter that shares upcoming events you'll be at, send alerts for new or restocked items, and offer promotions to keep customers engaged with your brand long after purchase.

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