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Klaviyo Integration with Digiphy

How to transform your Digiphy usage with a Klaviyo integration

Unlocking Dynamic Customer Data Capture: Digiphy's Seamless Integration with Klaviyo

For omnichannel brands, especially those selling in retail and via e-tail channels, the integration between Digiphy and Klaviyo offers a powerful connection that simplifies customer relationship management and enhances marketing automation. Digiphy’s software allows you to quickly and easily build QR-linked digital experiences to share useful and relevant information directly with consumers to effortlessly drive conversions - capture customer data, boost sales, and increase engagement.

Companies connect Klaviyo, or other CRMs, to capture customer data off in-store assets or product packaging, buyer data from events or trade shows, or Amazon inserts. This guide will help you effortlessly capture PII data securely and compliantly, breaking down data silos, and ensuring you can segment users for seamless marketing engagement to achieve your business goals.

Let’s break down how to do it effectively.

The Power of Combining Digiphy with Klaviyo

Digiphy's integration with Klaviyo transforms the way your business captures and utilizes customer data. This connection bridges the gap between collecting customer information and executing tailored marketing strategies. By integrating Digiphy with Klaviyo, businesses can capture a variety of customer information such as names, emails, phone numbers, addresses, birthdays, and collect opt-in consent for email and SMS communications.

What makes this integration stand out is the ability for Digiphy users to directly feed customer contact information into their pre-selected Klaviyo lists. Say goodbye to manual data transfers! This built-in efficiency ensures that the captured data from Digiphy's email modules and forms goes straight into your Klaviyo CRM, ready to be leveraged for personalized marketing campaigns and dynamic coupon code generation. The best part? Digiphy doesn’t take or store any of your data during or after capture!

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Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating Digiphy with Klaviyo

Connecting Digiphy with Klaviyo is straightforward. Follow this guide to get set up in less than 5 minutes:

Integration Setup (account level): See step by step tutorial

  1. Accessing Integrations: First, log into your Digiphy account, go to account settings and click on the “Integrations” tab found within the left-hand menu.
  2. Selecting Klaviyo: From the list of available integrations, find and select “Klaviyo.”
  3. Credentials: When prompted, add your Klaviyo API key information.

Connecting to a form module (page level): See step by step tutorial

  1. Open page: find the page you would like to collect customer information from
  2. Add form module: From the module library, add either an email capture, or form module
  3. Module settings: In the module settings, select your integration (Klaviyo). Then select the list / audience you would like the submissions to send to
  4. Save & publish: Always remember to save and publish your pages. Done!

Note: Always perform an initial test to verify that the information flows correctly from Digiphy to Klaviyo. If you’re having issues, book time with our team and we’ll help you figure it out!

See our help guide for a full guide if you’re getting stuck.

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The Ultimate Marketing Automation Flow

Klaviyo users know the importance of a solid data foundation for powerful marketing automations. Being a proud partner of Klaviyo, Digiphy is committed to ensuring a seamless flow of data into Klaviyo, so brands can have real-time access to all the insights they need.

Dynamic coupon codes, targeted email campaigns, and SMS marketing become incredibly robust once you've harnessed the synergy between Klaviyo's rich feature set and Digiphy's intuitive data collection modules and dynamic digital experiences.


The integration of Digiphy with Klaviyo empowers brands to take ownership of their data and strengthens their ability to engage with customers through personalized marketing. Whether you're selling in retail, Amazon or DTC, this partnership simplifies your omnichannel marketing, enriching customer experiences and fostering loyalty.

By fully integrating Digiphy with Klaviyo, companies can now enjoy a free-flowing data ecosystem that amplifies their marketing efforts, ensuring maximum outreach and customer satisfaction, while being GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Don't miss out on the benefits of this powerful integration – connect Digiphy with your Klaviyo account today. See below for a detailed guide on how to integrate Digiphy with Klavioy.

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