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Make the most out of every event you attend using QR-marketing

Five ways QR marketing fosters engaging customer experiences and collects zero-party data during events.

Are you attending events, markets, or conferences in 2023 marketing? If so, you need a creative strategy to not only enhance your customer experience but capture valuable data at the same time.

Break through the hustle and bustle of the show floor to connect directly with attendees using Digiphy QR-marketing. Quickly share relevant offers, surveys, and product information.

Here are five ways your brand can use QR to foster engaging customer experiences and collect zero-party data at the same time:

Design QR-enabled tabletop displays

At your booth or pop-up shop space, display a tabletop QR code that's easily accessible to customers. Include a call-to-action encouraging shoppers to scan the code for more information or special offers. A simple scan can direct customers to a survey where they can provide feedback on the product or the overall shopping experience. Your design should feature high-resolution product images and prominently incorporate the QR code.

Add QR codes to your tags

Event floors are busy; it's impossible to interact with everyone who stops. You need an intuitive way to connect with customers while directing shoppers to find and purchase your goods online. Attaching a QR code on tags should lead shoppers to find your products online. QR can share helpful information such as care instructions, size guides, or special offers. Even offer an opportunity to review items after purchase. A minimalistic design showcases your wares while still highlighting the QR code.

Generate multiple QR codes and connect them to custom-contextualized pages all in one place with Digiphy.

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Create QR-activated die-cut stickers

Stickers are inexpensive, easy to get, and fun. Take a look around; people still add stickers to their water bottles or laptops as a means of expressing themselves. Let your brand be a part of that. QR stickers connect customers to your brand long after the event has ended. Share your brand story, fun quizzes, and new products. Encourage scans through clever product drops and social gimmicks. Make it relevant to your brand, but ensure the QR code fits into the overall design.;

Hand out QR leave-behind materials

No event is complete without well-designed leave-behind marketing materials. Examples are swag, postcards, flyers, and more. Stand out and include a QR code that encourages customers to sign-up for your email list. A newsletter keeps them informed on new products, upcoming promotions, and your wholesale page. Design an eye-catching flyer that displays the QR code.

Share products via QR-enabled catalogs & sell sheets

You have more products than you can bring to an event. Connect customers to all the different goods and services you sell with a QR-enabled catalog and sell sheets in one scan. Feature best-selling products, customer favorites, and sale items to drive post-event sales.

Incorporating Digiphy QR code strategies empowers brands to foster engaging customer experience while gathering valuable data simultaneously. It's a win-win for both you and your customers.

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