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Ditch tired brand loyalty programs and capture zero-party data with Digiphy

Digitize your customer loyalty program to capture zero-party data, increase trust, and learn more about your customers.

A recent statistic claimed that 57% of Gen Z Americans are less loyal to brands now than before the COVID-19 pandemic. Traditional loyalty programs fail to communicate a brand's value needed to engage Millennial and Gen Z consumers. Specifically, many reward programs fail to initiate post-purchase engagement and customer loyalty. Consider your favorite loyalty programs like Starbucks, AMC, and Sephora; each is digital, shares brand updates frequently, and is easy to access from anywhere, even after a transaction.

Implement a digital strategy to capture zero-party data to learn more about your customers and drive customer loyalty. Here's how to get started:

Offer opt-in information

Encourage customers to provide additional information about themselves in exchange for rewards or perks. For example, a loyalty program with a registration form that asks customers for their name, email address, and purchasing preferences, while not necessary to participate in the program, may give businesses relevant customer information. Additionally, use exclusive discounts, early access, or more points to incentivize customers to share this information.

Provide a personalized experience

A survey found that 75% of Americans are more likely to have brand loyalty if their experience is personalized. Providing customers a customized account to update their preferences and track their rewards can allow brands to gather information such as purchase history, desired communication channels, and other preferences.

Gamify customer engagement

Incorporate surveys or quizzes that allow customers to share more information about themselves. These surveys or quizzes could focus on lifestyle, interests, or purchasing habits. Share polls on social media to gauge customer opinion on products and services. Incentivize customers to join the fun by offering rewards or entries into a prize drawing.

Let customers connect their social media

Give customers the option to connect their social media accounts to the loyalty program. Now businesses can have insights into relevant social media activity, such as customers' preferred platforms, the type of content they engage with, and more.

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Easily capture zero-party data with Digiphy

Digiphy's QR-marketing platform connects your customers across all physical packaging and marketing assets. Our customizable and modular tools help companies create dynamic pages that rotate customer-loyalty programs, communicate a brand's unique story and values transparently, accelerate reorders, and boost post-purchase engagement.

Increased convenience

Use QR codes that link your product packaging to your customer loyalty program. Now customers can access your digital loyalty programs no matter where they come into contact with your brand. Offer a discount to encourage customers to join. Individuals are more likely to sign-up if they feel they're getting something from it. Additionally, in a simple scan, customers can access their rewards and track their progress from anywhere, anytime. Even swap out loyalty program updates and rewards easily.

Real-time tracking

Connect Digiphy QR codes to your loyalty programs to give your brand real-time information about current promotions, rewards redemptions, and the number of scans and engagements your program receives. These insights illuminate how and where customers joined the program, which QR codes were effective, and what information customers wanted.

Incentivize and revise

Build custom pages in minutes to meet the needs of the current loyalty program. Use data collected through zero-party data, such as purchase history, demographics, and preferences, to understand customer behavior and improve program efficacy. Revise and edit pages quickly and efficiently as needed when promotions change, new products are released, and more without having to update or reprint the QR code.

Cost-effective and easy-to-scale

QR-activated packaging that links to custom pages is easily scaled to accommodate many customers across every touchpoint. In contrast, individual websites and landing pages for loyalty programs are cumbersome to manage. Implementing and maintaining QR-connected pages are less expensive than reprinting and updating physical cards or other materials.

Very few platforms offer brands the flexibility and capability to reach across the aisle or Amazon cart to connect your brand to your customers. Brands are capturing up to 35% of email opt-in rates using Digiphy compared to digital ads. Digiphy-enhanced loyalty programs increase convenience, real-time tracking, quick revisions, and cost-effective features to capture zero-party data through your customer loyalty program.

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