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Connected Packaging Essential for 2024

The essentials you need to know to drive branding and sales through your products using connected packaging in 2024.

Connected packaging is reshaping the brand-consumer relationship in stores, at a time when advertising online is getting harder and harder. Technology like this creates new communication channels to help brands engage directly with their target audience introducing many advantages, so it's important to understand how it works to make best use:

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: QR codes facilitate meaningful interactions, allowing customers to access information, view videos, and take relevant actions that contribute to increasing customer loyalty and sales.
  • Data Collection: Utilizing QR-linked contextual pages enables brands to gather valuable customer data, providing insights into preferences and needs in store and at home that you can’t collect today without spending enormous amounts of money. This information serves as a foundation for more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.
  • Driving Consumer Action: By offering access to discounts, coupons, and other incentives, QR-linked digital pages empower brands to reach new audiences, encourage repeat purchases, and prompt various valuable actions, including customer feedback, reviews, email sign-ups, and social media engagement.

Seven QR Code Best Practices to Follow

Before integrating QR codes into your current marketing efforts, follow our list of best practices to ensure your brand gets the most out of your QR strategy.

1. Add a Clear Call-to-Action

Accompany the QR code with a concise call-to-action. Be specific about the benefits of scanning and prompting users to take a desired action.

Include promotional language like "Free Offer," "Scan to Win," or "Scan for Offer" can significantly increase engagement.

2. Incorporate Digital Connection INTO the Design

Incorporate into Design: Blend QR codes seamlessly into packaging or signage design, ensuring visual appeal and alignment with branding elements.

The QR code shouldn't look out of place. Design it so the QR code looks natural on the packaging to increase the chances that people will scan it. Try AI art codes for an elevated design experience.

3. Optimize for size (please)

Ensure QR codes are large enough for easy smartphone scanning, maintaining a recommended 10:1 scan distance-to-size ratio.

Scannability is essential!

4. Ensure Proper Placement

Position QR codes visibly and strategically, avoiding obscurity and ensuring easy scanning on packaging or in-store locations. Make sure it’s not buried on the bottom on the crease or hidden on the side. You want to incentivize scans to boost conversions.

5. Single Action Focus

Each QR code and linked mobile page should prompt a single action to avoid overwhelming users and optimize engagement.

6. Only Include Relevant Information

Be Helpful...

Keep QR code content up-to-date and relevant, avoiding expired offers and providing useful information aligned with the context of the scan. Use software like Digiphy to avoid 404 errors, an awful experience for customers and a wasted scan for brands.

7. Choose the Right Type of Connection

Choose between static and dynamic QR codes based on your needs, with dynamic codes offering real-time updating and editing capabilities and analytics. Static codes are useful for things that will never change but often this results in negative long-term results.

8. Blend Everything Into Your Existing Tech Stack

Choose an all-in-one platform to create dynamic QR codes, build conversion-optimized pages, integrate your marketing, commerce and traceability solutions and capture omnichannel analytics.

Using an all-in-one solution will make management effortless and reduce the chance for 404 errors.

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Maximize Your Marketing Efforts using Connected QR codes & Storyline Pages

We won't toot our own horn too much but we're the best in the biz - so to speak. Our platform makes it easy for brands to activate their packaging and physical marketing assets. Every Digiphy QR code is dynamic and connects to a URL or a rich contextual experience (called "Storylines") that are easily updated and revised.

Digiphy simplifies the digital activation of physical product and marketing assets through dynamic QR codes and Storyline Pages. These conversion-optimized pages offer highly contextual content, such as recipes, reviews, tutorials, and videos, providing a direct communication channel for brands to engage with consumers. By leveraging the Digiphy platform, brands can reduce development costs, accelerate time to market, and enhance customer interactions seamlessly.

QR-linked Storyline pages are reshaping the brand-consumer relationship, fostering increased engagement, data collection, and sales growth, so if you want the best, come chat with us! :)

Make the most out of your packaging

QR paired with the right strategy creates an always on digital sales person to communicate directly with your customers.

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