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Recession-proof marketing: How brands can leverage no-code tools to achieve objectives

During economic uncertainty, brands need an affordable way to communicate with customers.

During economic uncertainty, when budgets are slashed and teams cut, brands need an affordable way to communicate easily with customers and achieve their marketing objectives. They don't need costly agencies or developers to build one-off campaigns or microsites to boost sales. Brands need a no-code tool that seamlessly integrates into current marketing strategies, collects data, and encourages customer interaction.

QR marketing is the obvious answer. If a brand isn't using QR, they might as well use carrier pigeons to reach customers. Yet, QR alone is not enough. QR must be combined with a mobile-friendly landing page experience to drive conversions.

Let's dig into how a contextual QR-marketing platform, like Digiphy, can help brands achieve more with less money and time.

Cost-effective marketing tools

It's expensive and time-consuming for brands to revise their marketing materials for each new seasonal promotion. Most brands don't have the budgets or time to spin up a one-off campaign. Instead, for a holiday or new product launches, brands should leverage fresh, alternative marketing channels and no-code tools to maximize results during an economic recession.

Cost-effective solutions are essential when marketing during a recession. There's no time or extra budget to waste marketing dollars on expensive one-off campaigns, manual creative resources, or creative assets. No-code tools are a way to dramatically accelerate time to market and decrease costs while maintaining an engaging and interactive customer agency-like experience.

QR + dynamic no-code landing pages mean businesses can quickly and easily update their digital content without spending time and money to reprint or redistribute their packaging or physical marketing assets. Additionally, brands do not need to hire a developer for every image change, content revision, or new promotion. Brands can maximize ROI and increase LTV (lifetime value) without investing in expensive technology or creative resources — a boon during challenging economic times.

Digiphy's cost-effective no-code page builder

Digiphy's no-code landing page builder lets anyone with any skill set create a mobile-friendly Storyline page and connect it to a QR code. Add and remove pre-built interactive module sections to create a developer-level experience with more than half the time and money.

Versatile marketing during a recession

Marketing during an economic downturn means that brands must be creative, adaptable, and responsive. QR marketing is a versatile strategy that's accessibility lets brands communicate directly with consumers to unlock new revenue at unique moments during a user's journey. Brands can share relevant and helpful information specific to the moment of a scan. For example, suppose a shopper is in-store and scans a shelf-talker. In that case, they're most likely interested in receiving a discount or want to verify the brand's sustainability claims via product traceability or reviews. Alternatively, if a consumer scans a product package, they might want to watch a how-to video, see detailed ingredients, or reorder a product.

The flexibility to print codes across business cards, advertisements, direct mailers, inserts, and product packaging drives multichannel engagement. Relevant, contextual landing pages are versatile and customizable to the point of scan. Update and adjust each page to match the audience's needs or campaign goals, such as sharing videos, warranty registration, set-up guides, or product information.

Digiphy creates a new versatile marketing channel

Digiphy is an entirely customizable QR marketing platform that creates a new marketing channel for businesses of all sizes. Regardless of your vertical, companies can build Digiphy Storyline pages to meet their needs and use cases. Tell the complete product story, communicate ingredient info, verify environmental claims, distribute how-to videos, and even build a user-generated content hub for customers. Digiphy's modules make it easy to add images, videos, logos, and clear CTAs. Ensure customers take action with your brand at meaningful moments.

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Elevate marketing strategies during recessions

Brands must find creative solutions and alternative marketing strategies to maximize ROI during downturns. The status quo no longer works, especially when existing solutions are more expensive and less effective.

Businesses must think differently about how they engage customers to drive conversions and achieve their business objectives. Encourage sign-ups for email marketing campaigns and newsletters to increase loyalty. Use QR codes to redirect users to a landing page that easily captures emails and directly connects to your CRM.

QR-activated postcards and direct mailers increase a campaign's effectiveness by crafting a seamless conversion-optimized experience. It bridges the brand's traditional marketing efforts with its digital presence. In 2022, over 89 million smartphone users in the United States scanned QR codes. That means 38% of Americans actively engage with QR codes, which is projected to grow to 100M by 2025. QR is everywhere, and it is here to stay! Regardless of your age and tech savviness, consumers now know how easy it is to scan and engage with QR. They also know the benefits!

Integrate QR codes on your traditional media campaigns, promotional assets, and packaging to improve the customer experience, increase ROI, and better understand your audience.

Digiphy drives conversions

During a recession, brands have the same KPIs to hit. Their metrics do not change; it's just more challenging to achieve because they have to do it with fewer people and less budget. Time becomes an invaluable asset that most teams don't have. Digiphy creates a new marketing channel for brands to communicate with consumers. Using Digiphy's no-code Storyline modules to capture emails and share product information at pivotal purchasing moments — increases conversions. For example, our customer Prota Fiori enhanced their direct mail marketing campaign with Digiphy QR and Storylines pages and saw 37% sales conversions and 30% email opt-in rates.

Enhance the customer experience

Making campaigns memorable for shoppers is always essential. Still, it's imperative to stand out when your marketing budget is tight, and you need to maximize every dollar spent during a recession. It takes a customer seeing your brand 5 to 7 times before they remember it.

With each scan, QR codes + dynamic landings actively engage customers with useful content. It bookmarks your website and links to social media content. Customers sign up for your email list to watch videos, unlock promotion codes, and beyond. Customers can make informed decisions increasing engagement while improving satisfaction and loyalty, forming a deeper relationship with your brand.

Maximize customer engagement, reach, and marketing ROI

Digiphy Storyline pages are mobile-first and optimized to boost conversions. Each Digiphy experience directs customers to a contextually relevant landing page that is easy to navigate, useful, and actionable. It eliminates the lousy experience of ending up on a poorly designed webpage or PDF that doesn't give customers the information they need to take action. Musee Bath used Digiphy to engage customers during conferences and events directly. With every QR scan at their booth, users landed on a well-designed, on-brand Digiphy Storyline page that provided a discount in exchange for customers' email addresses. Not only did they capture hundreds of emails in one day at the event, but they had over 40% of customers return to the Storyline after their first visit. Musee has added Digiphy to its packaging and currently sees a +20x ROI.

QR analytics and omnichannel customer data

Brands must maximize their limited marketing budgets and drive new revenue and higher returns at lower costs. QR codes + landing pages are trackable, cost-effective, and an excellent tool for capturing zero-party data. Zero-party data is more critical than ever, as global privacy laws completely reshape the digital advertising ecosystem. Brands can monitor the success of their campaigns in real-time, A/B test, and revise anything that's not performing efficiently. They know when, where, and how many customers scanned the code and engaged with their pages.

If a brand sells through a third-party retailer like Amazon, they have limited customer data, and purchasing customer data is expensive —especially during a recession. QR + landing pages help companies better understand where and when consumers engage most with their brand. The QR and landing page data tell the brand what products drive the highest engagement and what products shoppers are interested in. Use the data to adjust for campaign effectiveness.

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Do more with Digiphy data and marketing tools

Digiphy's in-platform reporting and analytics gather customer data from every physical touchpoint, building an omnichannel view of your audience during critical phases of the consumer cycle. With this data, you can re-target existing customers, and find look-alike audiences, increasing your overall reach and maximizing ROI.

Grow during a recession

Economic downturns have led to some of the most significant software advancements: Slack and What's App were both founded during the 2008 recession. Consumers sought more accessible and efficient technology to connect and communicate. To this day, these disruptors are some of the most well-known modes of communication at work and home.

Similarly, consumers and companies seek better ways to communicate and connect during this recession. They're looking for more efficient ways to reach and engage. Once again, companies are turning to disruptive technology.

No-code solutions like Digiphy redefine the consumer and brand experience. Just like Slack and What's App in 2008, Digiphy enables brands to do more with less by streamlining the development and distribution of content. QR + Storyline pages are cost-effective, trackable, versatile, and dramatically enhance the customer experience — a win-win for brands and consumers. Digiphy captures consumers' attention and quickly converts them. It's a new direct-to-consumer marketing channel that turns a company's physical assets into an always-on digital marketing channel.

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